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Esperance has a Mediterranean climate similar to the rest of the south west corner of WA. The soil is deep sandy loam over limestone and has an average rainfall of 600mm. Perfect conditions for growing olives. Yirri is situated 18kms from the coast at the beginning of the broad- acre agricultural wheat-belt an area that grows mainly crops but also a lot of cattle & sheep. We grow four varieties: Kalamata, Manzanillo, Frantoio and Barnea. These varieties have been chosen and planted to assist with pollination and for their duel purposes of high producing table olives and excellent oil olives.

Olive harvest is around April and at this stage are all hand picked using a mechanical rake and tarpaulins. The processing takes place on the property due to the distance & logistics from other processors. The Bonolio 80 processer was imported from Italy thru Eclipse Enterprises and can process 80kg of olives per hour. Once harvested the olives are washed, minced and malaxed then passed thru a centrifuge separating the paste from the oil – this process is completed within a 24 hour period to produce the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil is then gravity filtered thru cotton wool and then stored in vats ready for testing. Bottling and packaging is completed in the custom built kitchen in the café off season.

ds_dsc8720Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been used for centuries by man and is well known for its health benefits, being basically the juice of the olive with no further additives it is full of antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamins. It is also extremely good for preserving foods, cooking with foods or just drinking alone, being a natural health food. Good quality EVOO enhances the flavour of other foods and we take pride in producing the best we can – proof being in receiving EVOO Certification, Bronze medals for the last 3 years.

Our 2017 EVOO attained Silver Medal at the Perth Royal Fine Foods Show.


Our table olives are all handpicked and sorted before being stored in brine to naturally ferment and debitter. This old fashioned method was chosen for its simplicity and reduction of water usage. The processing building is used to collect rainwater for the olives and is limited. Again all the packaging and labelling is completed on site during the café off season.

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  • Directly from Yirri Grove at the Farm Shop